Corporate Governance


BRP is committed to sound principles of corporate governance. In order to ensure the compliance of its activities to rules and regulations, BRP has established a robust governance, which includes its:

Board of Directors;
Audit Committee;
Compensation Committee;
Disclosure Committee; and
Executive Disclosure Committee.

BRP's Code of Ethics sets the standard of behaviour we expect from our employees. The Code does not aim to foresee every situation that might arise but identifies guiding principles to help employees make decisions that are consistent with BRP's values and reputation. It applies, without exception, to all members of the Board of Directors, officers, employees and representatives. BRP suppliers and partners, as well as third parties, are also held to the Code when acting on behalf of BRP.
As a truly global company, the Company and its Board of Directors are committed to create an environment built upon diversity, inclusion and fairness values and practices. The company believes that attracting, developing and retaining employees, including senior executive that reflect diversity is an important element of its long-term sustainability as it mirrors its customers across the world.